Sunday, February 12, 2012

WHAT'S A KARDASHIAN? all that glitters

(seriously, who are these people? but anyway)

Tonight for your excitement I present two offerings from the Nicole by OPI "Kardashian Kolor Holiday" collection. I must disclaim that I am ALL about the gratuitous K inserts, but that makes me hella want to vomit and if these two polishes had not been grade-A for awesome there is no way I would support that garbage in any way, shape, or form. MOVING ON....

khloe? for realz?

Here we have Disco Dolls under Rainbow in the S-Kylie (I persist in trying to append "With Diamonds" every time I think that name). I have read that Skylie Diamonds is a dupe for the OPI Muppets' Rainbow Connection and had a passing interest in that but not enough to stalk it down so picked this up instead. Disco Dolls met my impulse purchase criteria of "gold" and "glittery" and "available."

I want to eat this no really

Guys, these are the glitziest nails I have ever had, for serious; I am amazed there weren't birds dive-bombing my hands. I expected it to take three hours wrapped in foil to remove, but it lasted pretty well for about five days and then came off in sheets. There are, in fact, two large pieces of it still in my coat pocket because OMG SO SHINY SO SO SHINY.

are you my mother

Of course we had no sun worth mentioning for the duration. But I tried. For you.


PRINCESS SEAL OF APPROVAL although I'm kind of ashamed of it. And I proudly proclaim my love for Ke$ha. WHERE IS HER NAIL POLISH COLLECTION? OPI GET ON THAT RIGHT NOW.