Monday, January 9, 2012

THIS WILL BE OUR YEAR: took a long time to come

I eschewed work during the dead week between Christmas and New Year’s and was rewarded for my trouble by finding a cache of my lemmings at a nail salon. I only allowed myself to purchase ONE so chose OPI’s It’s My Year hoping it would be a good luck charm for 2012.

I slept for a very long time

Pictured here with the very similar Rally Pretty Pink from one of the Serena Williams sets (if anyone figures out why they paired that with a red crackle, enlighten me, because vomit).


Rally Pretty Pink for comparison on my ring finger (second from bottom) (three coats of each, could have used a fourth). In most lights these looked almost exactly alike.

wait what

You can see the difference more here. Rally Pretty Pink is second from the top.


It’s My Year on top (I think). Purple and gold are my best non-mermaid colors, so a warm purple with gold shimmer was more or less made for me.

Friday, January 6, 2012

TWELFTH NIGHT: Carey in Lorelei's Tiara

I wasn’t going to post this one due to the horrific cleanup (or lack thereof), but I had more compliments than usual on it. Inspired by the one snow we’ve had so far this winter.


Three coats of Zoya Carey from the Feel Collection with China Glaze Lorelei’s Tiara from the Eye Candy collection splashed on the ends.


I felt obligated to purchase Carey as it is my namesake polish but didn’t expect to be very excited about gray as my skin demands warm colors. The glitter brightened it up enough to be okay. I think I’d prefer Kendal or Kennedy standalone. I got almost five days out of this one before I had to take it off, which is above average in my Zoya experience.

The glitter is highly adequate. I think the blue bits make the polish.

Also for your entertainment, my magical hair that I wore at the same time. I went to a semi-classy restaurant like this. I am that girl.

wait what

Surprisingly, the other girls did not make me sit at a separate table.


The man in front of me at the salad bar said he was glad I was there as the room was on the dark side. I LIGHT UP THE WORLD.