Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MERMAIDS PART ONE: Damn you, Deborah Lippmann.

I was somewhat enthusiastic about the Deborah Lippmann mermaid collection this spring but did well at not ordering them. Then I happened to visit an Ulta that carries the brand (mine doesn't). INSTANT FAIL. Let us start with Do the Mermaid. I'm doubtful about the name. Is "the mermaid" a dance? Google is not helping.

  I want to eat it.

Note how it complements my new amethyst ring. PURCHASE JUSTIFIED.

  seriously.  it's going in my mouth.

I also acquired her Gel Lab base and top coats while the getting was good. Although they are hella expensive, it was a good buy. I used them with another polish and someone asked me if it was a gel manicure. SUCCESS. Wear time is better than Orly Bonder and Seche Vite (if there is no inherent flaw in the nail).

  tastes like Bactine.

NEXT UP: Mermaid's Kiss.

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