Monday, May 14, 2012


Disclaimer: I care for neither sheer polish nor jellies, so my opinion is definitely slanted. 

 I needed to look relatively normal today in order not to terrify a visitor from the state department of revenue, so I dragged out OPI In the Spot-Light Pink from last spring's Femme de Cirque collection. I have no idea when or why I picked these up, honestly.

 hork hork hork

In the interests of not throwing up on my hands through the course of the day and so defeating the "relatively normal" purpose, I added two coats of I Juggle...Men from the same collection so it would glitter even if only I could see it.  ( Does anyone understand the ellipses in that name? Am I too obtuse for the pun?)


oh whatevs

Today Penny-at-work who loves me said again that I could be a hand model.  I remember when people just used to say I could be a model @#*$&raaahhhrrrr oh well Penny I love you.


oh whatevs

I tried to clean those edges for a better picture and did something unfortunate to my ring finger.  s i g h

Inside with flash:

oh whatevs

Normally I despise flash, but that is more true to color.

I used these one other time but tried to build it up to no VNL, which took enough coats that it self-destructed. This is three coats over Butter London's Nail Foundation.

Really, though, these aren't bad if you're into wedding magazines or ghost hands or your boss is an asshole (which mine is not, pretty sure I could show up in cat ears and he'd just laugh about it)(while backing away slowly).  I did contemplate buying the lavender one from this spring's NYC Ballet collection just because purple, but by the time I dragged myself to Ulta with half-hearted intent, they were already gone.  So I bought two Layla holographics instead.  WIN.

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