Sunday, August 28, 2011

ULTA Brand - The Hydrox of Nail Polish

I am such a high-maintenance person that my 2Q11 Ulta Rewards certificate was Level Twelve. I used half the points on nail polish since most of the rewards did not meet my exacting standards. I waited too long, so the selection was reduced largely to puke colors. These were the six I deemed adequate for my purpose.


Alter Ego. Light teal, maybe just a teeny bit silvered. I like this one.


Lavish. This is sort of a grayed lavender with the tiniest possible gold glitter in it. Tiniest gold glitter really did not want to show up for the camera. It's neutral without being boring.


Celebutante. This was a fast swatch, so the cuticle situation is even more dire than usual. Bright purple creme. Somewhat reminiscent of OPI's Purple With a Purpose, only less purposeful.


This is a horrible picture with flash, but the color is more true to life; it doesn't look as blue as the first shot by any means.


Gold-Tipped Rose. This leans more towards a muted coral than "rose." It's a nice color if you're into that kind of thing.


Sunset Bronze. Again, if these are your colors, this is a good specimen.


Dance Teal Dawn.

The formula on all of these was acceptable. I like the two teals and the lavender quite a bit but probably won't hold onto the others for long. If I need to look like my orthodontist's receptionist in the early 1990s, there are better ways to do it than those particular pinks. These were my first ULTA house polishes, and I will definitely try them in better colors when my 3Q rewards arrive.

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